“I certainly saw a lot of birds, but more importantly I saw most of them well and in the process had a great deal of fun!”
M.M. Shahne
Hotel Sinclairs offers three exotic destinations for bird lovers, namely Dooars, Portblair and Ooty. A pursuit for families, groups and individuals, birdwatching is becoming increasingly popular today. Birding is easy and inexpensive, requiring minimal equipment, skill and physical fitness. With their diverse habitats and hospitable climate, it is easy to see why the three destinations among the best for birdwatching in the Indian sub-continent.

Strategically located, each of the three destinations is home to over 200 species of birds. Featuring a host of colourful birds, and seen in abundance, the places would appeal to amateur birders as well as ornithologists.

So what are you waiting for? Come and enjoy the wonderful scenery and explore the wide open spaces. Experience a sense of wilderness in the Nilgiri hills, the wildlife-rich tropical forests of Dooars or the large stretches of white sand and coral reefs in the Andaman Islands. Come and see for yourself with Sinclairs Birdwatching…